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Carita Signature Treatment for the face

Purity and radiance 25 min €70

Removed of all impurities thanks to CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT, your skin will find purity and radiance in just 25 minutes.

Lagoon Hydration 55 min €120 / Cinetic : 1 hour 40 min €165

Relaxing fresh treatment – dehydrated skin

Immerse your skin in a relaxing and revitalising fresh bath. Benefit from highly hydrating products rich in water from Polynesian lagoons, and massage techniques encouraging absorption of active ingredients.

Cotton softness 55 min €120 / Cinetic : 1 hour 40 min €165

Soothing “cuddly” treatment – sensitive skin

Place your skin in the delicate hands of the beautician, the softness providing immediate comfort. Aimed at the most sensitive skins, this treatment combines two massages and treatment products rich in soothing and restructuring active ingredients.

Plumping & smoothing mask 25 min €70

Spectacular beauty treatment for fatigued and tired skin. Best combined with a body or face treatment.

Neomorphosis 55 min €120 / Cinetic : 1 hour 40 min €165

The top transformative experience. Personalised programme to target skin problems using different specific modules. Surface, volume, depth... Carita offers 3 key actions which transform the skin at all levels. A relaxing action, a perfecting action and a regenerating action.

Firmness & lift 55 min €120 / Cinetic : 1 hour 40 min €165

Toning and revitalising treatment - sagging skin

The best beauty specialist expertise in this new anti-wrinkle treatment which offers a multi-dimensional approach to reduce all types of wrinkles. <br /> Eyes and lips patch supplement: €10

Carita 14 by Taj-I Mah 55 min €120

Face Body and Hair Beauty Treatments

If you’re looking for an immediate beauty treatment from head to toe, take a look at this treatment which combines CARITA Mythical products for radiant skin, a toned body and shiny hair.

CINQ MONDES facial treatment rituals®

“Bali Flowers Ritual®” Radiance Facial Massage Treatment 20 min €60

Enjoy the delicate fragrances of tropical flowers in this “burst of radiance” treatment associated with a face, neck and scalp massage. Inspired by Balinese beauty rituals, discover the benefits of this treatment combining clean skin, well-being and beauty.

“Bali Flowers and Fruits Ritual®” Regenerating Facial Massage Treatment 50 min €110

A treatment to unclog and smooth the skin and provide a “burst of radiance” based on Balinese beauty rituals. Enjoy the benefits of the natural active ingredients in tropical flowers and natural fruit acids (AHAs) to discover purified skin, a smooth skin texture and a radiant complexion.

“Five Flowers Ritual®” Beautifying Facial Massage Treatment 50 min €110

Deriving from a Balinese ritual, this facial treatment regenerates, tones and illuminates the skin. Thanks to the combined extracts from five tropical flowers, a patented radiance active ingredient, “Kombuchka®” and a face, neck and shoulder massage, the skin is cleaned, purified and complexion made brighter.

“Ko Bi Do” Smoothing and Plumping® Facial Youth Massage Treatment 50 min €110

Inspired by the ancestral “Ko Bi Do” Japanese ritual, with manual lifting of the face, this “anti-wrinkle” treatment is associated with a unique anti-ageing complex. Thanks to its action on the face and neck, you will discover toned, smoothed and plumper skin.

“Ko Bi Do” Global Anti-Age® Precious Facial Massage Treatment 80 min €155

A real “global anti-ageing” treatment, this manual lifting inspired by the Japanese “Ko Bi Do” massage, associated with a mask with regenerative properties, acts deeply on the wrinkles, firmness, pigmented spots and radiance, and acts on the shape of the eyes, the mouth, the décolletage and the arms. You will discover toned, smoothed skin, a radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.

CINQ MONDES massage rituals®

Relaxing Traditional Eastern Massage 20min €60 | 50min €110

​This massage, inspired by Eastern tradition, works on the entire body with heated and lightly perfumed Argan oil. The expert hands of the beautician work on the points of tension to remove toxins and muscular pains, bringing you into a total state of well-being.

Toning Indian Ayurvedic Massage® 50min €110 | 80min €155

Inspired by thousand-year old Indian tradition, this toning hot oil massage offers varied rhythms. Enjoy the fragrances of vanilla and cardamom of this treatment which relaxes the muscles, encourages deep sleep and leaves the skin silky.

Relaxing and Beautifying Polynesian Massage® 50min €110 | 80min €155

A massage inherited from Polynesian healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, using pressure and long and continuous movements of the beautician’s forearms. The delicate notes of Tiaré flowers accompany you on this unbelievably relaxing experience.

Enveloping Balinese Massage® 50 min €110

Dive into a universe of tranquillity thanks to this Balinese massage ritual using “Tropical Nut Creamy Balm®”. Traditional smoothing and soft Thai stretching are associated with this sensory escape.

Signature Treatment

Black Slope 25min €70 | 70min €120

This deep warm camphor oil massage relieves muscular tension and soreness. The beautician’s hands alternate between slow and fast manoeuvres and stretches for improved recovery.

Scrubs and Wraps

We recommend using the scrubs with a Turkish bath to ensure maximum effectiveness of the treatments, and wraps with a scrub for better absorption of the active ingredients.

  • Aromatic & Energising with spices : 25 min €60
  • “Papaya Puree®” radiance : 25 min €60
  • Beautifying with Tahiti Monoi : 25 min €60
  • Purifying with Beldi® black soap : 25 min €60
  • Purifying and Detoxifying wraps with “Rassoul Cream®” : 25 min €60

My first Spa

My First Facial Treatment 25 min €50

A nourishing treatment for the youngest skins attacked by changes in winter temperatures.

Gourmet relaxation (6-11 years old) 25min €50 | 40min €75

A tailored massage to discover or re-discover the benefits of a relaxing massage with gourmet aromas.

Fairy Hands 20 min €45

A manicure with nail application.